Oil & Gas EAMinded™ Event

July 20th, 2023

Speakers from EAMinded™ Houston:

Topics of Discussion:

Kevin Price will discuss how Hexagon continues to evolve its technology, deployment techniques, and implementation opportunities towards its Smart Digital Reality™. 

Learn about this journey, the steps made thus far, the steps to come….and where Hexagon customers, like you, have found themselves along the way.

Industry Executive Consultant, Dan Morrison, will discuss digital transformation in the oil and gas industry and how it has brought about a profound revolution, catalyzed by the integration of digital technologies, the need to address environmental challenges, regulatory compliance, and the continuous drive for operational optimization. At the forefront of this transformation is Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), which plays a pivotal role in maximizing asset performance, reducing downtime, and ensuring regulatory adherence.

Greg Hartunian from Smart Software, Inc. will discuss why managing spare parts inventories can feel impossible. You just don’t know what will break and when.  Planned project demand is often anything but planned.  Demand patterns are most often extremely intermittent and unpredictable. Manual review is impossible across tens of thousands of SKU-Location combinations.  This presentation will describe commonly used approaches for forecasting usage and planning spare parts inventory, how these approaches can go wrong, what it costs, and what to do about it.

Join Robert Rutherford for an engaging discussion on the data challenges faced by Transocean in harnessing the full potential of Hexagon EAM. In this session, we will delve into Transocean’s journey of transforming data from outdated legacy systems and establishing new data setups to maximize the capabilities offered by Hexagon EAM. Discover the strategies and best practices employed by Transocean to try and overcome these challenges and unlock the true power of their EAM system. Gain valuable insights into data transformation, integration, and optimization processes that can drive enhanced utilization of EAM capabilities within your organization. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from Transocean’s experiences and accelerate your own journey towards leveraging the full potential of Hexagon EAM.

Cybersecurity expert, Edward Liebig will delve into the reasons why OT Risk management will differ from IT. He will explore effective strategies for tailoring risk criteria to optimize the assessment of business-driven risk measurement in OT systems. Additionally, he will discuss the integration of asset inventory, vulnerability management, and risk management within the enterprise, emphasizing their alignment within a Secure Operation Center hierarchy.

With the increasing use of Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML), predictive maintenance is rapidly gaining attention. This approach uses real-time data to predict equipment failures and schedule maintenance, thereby reducing downtime and increasing efficiency.

The goal of effective data management in oil and gas maintenance is to enable better decision-making, enhance operational efficiency, improve safety, and reduce costs. However, it’s a complex task that requires the right combination of technology, processes, and people. Data forms the foundation for integration, quality, security, analytics and visualization, compliance, predictive maintenance and more. How are we addressing data management in context of these continuously growing demands?

Peter Ferri and Benjamin Weber will discuss how AWS enables business to innovate and accelerate the energy transition. The energy industry is evolving at a rapid pace due to many factors; from the acceleration of the energy transition, new sources of energy production being introduced into the energy mix, increasing electrification across industries, changing customer behaviors and expectations, and the need to provide reliable, affordable energy to meet current demand. These drivers are driving a more interconnected, data-rich, more complex energy systems. Learn how AWS enables organizations to optimize their businesses and accelerate innovation through new data-driven solutions based on AWS with technologies such as advanced analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (M), and high-performance computing (HPC). 

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