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July 18th, 2023

Speakers from EAMinded™ Conroe:

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Kevin Price will discuss how Hexagon continues to evolve its technology, deployment techniques, and implementation opportunities towards its Smart Digital Reality™. 

Learn about this journey, the steps made thus far, the steps to come….and where Hexagon customers, like you, have found themselves along the way.

Customers need to focus on only those lifecycle business factors that are in-scope to them. That is, their Internal responses to the out-of-scope business factors that are External Threats to their business. The P.E.S.T.E.L. Operating Context records the Operating Context Boundary and answers the PESTEL questions using our Smart Digital Reality Platform, which orchestrates a combination of our Hexagon products plus partner services. The solution is a step closer to realizing Industry 5.0 objectives.

Our vision for Plant Autonomy needs to focus on Resilience by doing a P.E.S.T.E.L. analysis in a customer’s specific Operating Context, leveraging their data with our technology. To identify the lifecycle factors that are out-of-scope (External Threats) & in-scope (Internal responses to them), we record the Operating Context Boundary . Using our Smart Digital Reality Platform, we ask: What’s the Operating Context in relation to Political Factors? …Economic Factors? …Social Factors? …Technology Factors? …Environment Factors? …Legal Factors?…

The Operating Context, a digital model focused on relevant, changing, data, considers factors like laws, social conditions, business constraints, industry standards, & other global influences. Autonomous plants & factories simultaneously & continuously track the PESTEL Operating Context data to operate & maintain assets profitably, safely, & sustainably over the facility’s lifecycle. Proper control of the facility hinges on adhering to the Operating Context as per the Company’s global business Objectives, Policies, & Strategies as they pertain to RCM, APM, & AIP in EAM.

Join industry expert Scott Hill as he provides a concise and insightful overview of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system, accompanied by valuable lessons learned from his extensive experience. In this session, Scott will cover the fundamental concepts of EAM, benefits, and challenges, while sharing practical examples to illustrate their impact on organizations. 

Cybersecurity expert, Edward Liebig will delve into the reasons why OT Risk management will differ from IT. He will explore effective strategies for tailoring risk criteria to optimize the assessment of business-driven risk measurement in OT systems. Additionally, he will discuss the integration of asset inventory, vulnerability management, and risk management within the enterprise, emphasizing their alignment within a Secure Operation Center hierarchy.

Tony Hodges will share insights into how one of SJRA’s operating divisions leverages EAM practices. As a small state organization managing over 25,000 assets, SJRA faces unique challenges in maintaining and optimizing their diverse infrastructure. Tony will discuss his journey from the Maintenance department to leading EAM initiatives in the Lake Conroe Division. Providing an overview of SJRA and its mission and   highlighting the importance of effective asset management in achieving organizational goals. He will delve into the specific approaches and strategies employed by SJRA’s division to utilize EAM systems efficiently. Furthermore, Tony will shed light on the future prospects of EAM exploration within SJRA, discussing potential advancements and opportunities for improvement.

We are also delighted to invite Bret, who is familiar with our organization, to contribute his perspectives during the presentation. Together, Tony and Bret will provide valuable insights into the significance of EAM for small state organizations and the benefits it brings in managing complex asset portfolios.

Greg Hartunian from Smart Software, Inc. will discuss why managing spare parts inventories can feel impossible. You just don’t know what will break and when.  Planned project demand is often anything but planned.  Demand patterns are most often extremely intermittent and unpredictable. Manual review is impossible across tens of thousands of SKU-Location combinations.  This presentation will describe commonly used approaches for forecasting usage and planning spare parts inventory, how these approaches can go wrong, what it costs, and what to do about it.

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